Hi, my name is Angie Leigh and yesterday, I committed a fashion crime.

                Well… now that that’s off my chest, let me explain. On the weekend I bought the cutest wool knit, cropped sweater that just seemed to go perfectly with a pair of acid wash, high waist jeans that I’ve had in my closet for a while now. A few hours into wearing the outfit , ( from two days ago, to be exact), and a few compliments later, I started to feel annoyed that I had wasted such a perfect outfit on a regular day at the office. So, that’s when I started to devise my fashion crime… yes, it was premeditated. I decided that I would wear the same outfit to lunch with my girlfriends… the next day!

                When I woke up yesterday morning and put the outfit (freshly washed, I promise) back on I felt funny. Like, what if someone saw me that had seen me yesterday? Somehow the added gold jewelry and hair in a ponytail just wasn’t seeming to make the clothes I was wearing look much different than they had the day before. That’s when it hit me, MAKEUP!

                I really think that switching up your regular makeup routine and going for something new is a great way to look and feel different, and in turn, more confident and ready to take on the day. That’s when I opted for a stark black top liner, instead of my usual, thin, winged look, and some autumn reds and gold, instead of my typical taupe and brown look. Right away I felt great… and not too embarrassed about my outfit repeat.

Changing up your makeup look season to season is the perfect way to feel refreshed and “special” and a subtle way to demand a little more attention when you walk into a room.

This is my current Autumn makeup look for day:

fall makeup fall makeup

                In terms of brands it really is up to you, but I’ll share the colours and styles of makeup I went with to create this look. First I just covered my face with my biggest foundation brush I have in BB cream and then patted on a light coloured press powder to hold it in place and prevent shine. Next I added concealer to my under eyes and any blemishes on my face and set it in with a sponge to create a dewy but full coverage finish. After that it’s time for bronzer! I put mine right underneath my cheek bones and upwards diagonally to my hairline. I also framed the outside of my whole face and jawline in a thin layer of bronzer blending it into my face and neck with a blending brush. For blush, I used a darker more “burnt” shade of pink for Fall and just lightly brushed it over the apple of my cheek bones.

                For my eyes I started by filling in my eyebrows just a little bit with a matte brown shadow and an angle brush. Next, I decided to go with a white highlighter cream under my brow bones and in the corners of my eyes. I then swept a champagne shadow across my lids using a flat shadow brush. In my creases and outer corners of my eyes I layered, using a gold shadow and then a taupe on top to lift the look. Lastly, I added a chalk liner on my upper lids where my lashes start and swept it all the way to my outer lids. I then took the same taupe eyeliner and add it very thin and lightly under my eyes just below my waterline. I finished with top and bottom lash mascara in black.

                On the lips I just used a clear lip balm.

                For my night look I went for a similar effect only more pronounced. I followed the same face steps except I added a cheek highlighter right above my blush and use foundation rather than BB cream for better coverage. I also used a little more press powder to eliminate any shine in case someone snaps a pic. 

fall makeupfall makeup

                On my eyes I have decided to really embrace the Fall! I pencilled in my eyebrows with a dark brown brow pencil and added in some dark brown shadow over top. Then, I used a medium gold shadow across my lids and the same champagne I used this morning as a highlighter instead of the white. I then added a slightly more pronounced gold from the middle of my lid to the outmost corner. Lastly I took a more daring, but very flattering reddish/mauve colour and patted it into creases and in my outmost lids over the ends of the gold. I finished the look with a sweep of top liquid liner and take a black chalk liner halfway along my bottom waterline on the outside and a lighter gold into the inside. Lastly of course, I went with the darkest black mascara and curled my lashes.

                For lips I chose to do a bit more frosted for the cold weather and went with a dusted pink gloss. Of course, you could always do a darker red lip, but then I would eliminate the red shadow on your eyes.

                Hope that helps give you a bit of inspiration for your next fall look! Comment a pic and let me know how it went!