Ladies, Here’s A Style Guide For Staying Stylish In Cold Weather Without Catching Pneumonia. Nothing Says Fall-Winter Ready Like These 5 Sweet Warm Basics...

Summer afternoons are getting chilly, hot chocolate and pumpkin spice are comforting, stores are becoming irresistible with their beautiful fall designer collections, all this says is that Fall is in the air. It’s the perfect weather to show what we Canadians really live for....layering and bundling up. Layers have never felt so stylish and we never comprise style.    Here are 5 simple rules and basics to add to your wardrobe this season:

                        1.BOLD AND CHUNKY KNIT SCARF:
Embrace color this season. When you wear color near your face, bright hues give your skin a healthy glow.  Scarves are a beautiful accent to your outfit and easy to wear. Chunky scarves are readily available in all mainstream stores.

                       2. FAUX -FUR OR LEATHER BAG:
Play around with textures, a bag with faux-fur accents and metal detailing all give an extra allure to your outfit. Grab a piece that best compliments your unique personal style. If you're not fond of colored bags then a simple black leather bag will last forever. 

                       3. FOR THE LOVE OF SUEDE:
A burgundy suede booties is a Fall must-have, here’s another texture that will complete your Fall-Winter style. Burgundy is easy to wear color and never goes out of style. Believe me; just one pair can make the difference. 

                      4. CHIC LAYERING:
This cold season Don’t put away your silk and chiffon blouses; pair them with thin fitted or oversized sweaters or cardigans. Pick shades that compliment your skin tone, for an extra oomph look for sweaters with details such as sequins or patterns.  If you have that one pair of tights that you absolutely adore, you can layer it with another pair a lighter version underneath and that will keep you warm.
                                                                           5 TIMELESS FLAWLESS SKIN:
Ladies, in cold season don’t forget your skin. Looking good from inside out is all you need to become a show-stopper anywhere you go this season. Just like our clothes change, your foundation routine should change too. Add a good hydrating moisturizer and primer before applying foundation. Look for products that would give you a healthy glow. For a flawless finish add highlighters to your routine and see the difference.

Yes dressing up for cold weather can be challenging but the right pieces in your wardrobe can do the job for you. I believe in strategic layering for winter, the key is to keep your silhouette streamlined.

Author: Anjana Jacob