Lately the word "Swag" has become a perpetual utterance for wannabe hipsters boasting about their style. Nowadays it isn't impossible to spot a young couple wearing nothing but overalls and hand-me-down flip-flops in the midst of the winter. What I mean to get across is there is a vast difference in trying to be diverse and actually being diverse; for instance let's take a look at Grammy winning recording artist Macklemore. 


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Now I get the idea he wants to be "stylish" and "crafty" , especially with the pirate themed cape but unfortunately for him; it's perceived as going a little bit "overboard".

 Are the days of saying you're "taking it too far" or you're "doing a little too much" over in the fashion world? Are there any limits? It seems as if almost every celebrity now a days have been jumping on the "Unique Hipster" trend. 


Celebrities have a tremendous amount of influence for what goes on in our modern culture, simply because their viewed as paragons to the younger generations. Whether it's Kanye West or his lovely wife Kim Kardashian; whichever garment either decides to wear on the days the TMZ crews flash those lens, will be the exact pieces of garment a large percent of the population will be lusting over. Although  Kim and Kanye’s wardrobes are  presumably upscale and costly, there are a ton of boutique and clothing stores that produce identical replicas of these thousand dollar outfits for a mere $50. 

What happened to the good ol' times everyone was "regular" and dressed accordingly? Do people still wear white t-shirts with classic denim jeans anymore; or is everyday October 31st?