To look your best this season, try this foundation routine for a smooth, flawless finish:

Prep your skin with Primer:
After moisturizing your face, apply a thin layer of foundation primer all over your face with either a foundation brush, or your hands. Leave it on for a little while, at least a minute or two, so that it evenly settles on your skin. Foundation Primer is a lightweight gel makeup product which is applied to prep your skin prior to foundation. This product simply fills in pores and fine lines resulting into a clean clear canvas skin for foundation. Primer helps foundation glide smoothly on your skin rather than setting into your pores and fine lines. Not only does primer provides you with an even skin tone, it also makes your foundation last all day and keeps it fresh. Shopping for primers is not that tricky, you just have to find the one that best suits your skin type. If you’re having trouble with an oily t-zone, look for an oil free primer.

Apply Foundation:
Starting from the plains of your face, apply foundation outwards stretching towards your hairline, down the jaw line, neck and ears. 

Apply Concealer:
Now is the time to cover under eyes, blemishes and any skin imperfections you would like to conceal. Look for a good concealer that has a gel like consistency, which would blend in your skin perfectly without leaving a heavy, buildable mark on your face. 

Set with Powder:
To keep your makeup fresh and long lasting, it’s important you set your look with powder. You can finish with either a translucent powder, or a foundation powder. If you use a foundation powder, make sure you choose the one that’s not heavy to wear. You can use mineralized foundation powder or loose foundation powder, which would make your skin appear natural looking, and won’t build any more color.


Ladies, the basic secret is to moisturise your face well enough to conquer the dry skin. For Fall, focus on prepping the skin...So hydrate, moisturize and stay warm.