A great wardrobe is often the key to a man's success. But without a good grooming routine, all those outstanding threads could be overlooked.

Hey, we're busy guys, right? The trouble is, as you're getting ready for work one morning you might suddenly realise you haven't trimmed your nails in a while. Now you're in a panic trying to get yourself manicured with precious seconds ticking away.

Not to worry. There's a simple solution I preach when it comes to staying on top of your grooming game: consistency! This doesn't mean doing the same things all the time. It means doing the things that you might tend to forget about at regular intervals so they don't get away from you.

Here are a few tips for looking your best while staying ahead of the game.


Shaving is essential, and the treatment of your facial hair has to be a regular routine. For me, this is an every other day occurrence. My skin definitely appreciates the break. But if you're an 'every day' kind of guy, set a time to do the job right. The best time is right after your shower when your beard is soft. Remember to replace your razor once a week (I suggest Monday, so you can start the week fresh!).


It's easy to forget about your fingernails. You might not notice them growing the way you see your facial hair grow. But not keeping them trimmed and clean can seriously damage your image. It may seem like overkill, but I recommend getting those fingernails trimmed and filed once a week. If you stay with this, you'll always look well put-together. I like to recommend trimming nose hair for the same session, again just for consistency.

Toenails grow more slowly than fingernails and so are really easy to neglect. Target these every two weeks, and you'll never have to worry about accidentally scratching someone under the sheets! To stay on top of this, I suggest trimming fingernails every Saturday morning, and toenails every second Sunday.


Guys are, as a rule, terrible at paying attention to their hair. How many times have you looked in the mirror and thought, "whoa! I need a haircut!" before dashing out the door to work?

Yup...we all do that.

I suggest setting a regular time for a haircut, say the second Saturday of the month. Get trimmed like clockwork, with no exceptions. If you're scruffy in between, you may add the fourth Saturday of the month. Keeping a consistent schedule for haircuts is the best way to avoid getting shaggy.

It also saves you from shocking others when you suddenly turn up looking neatly groomed!