Oh holidays..a time where I fast-track my baking, stand in lines to buy things for loved ones, plan epic dinner parties (and plan the appetizers I'll bring to dinner parties), and think about everyone else except myself.

Not this year, holidays, not this year. This year, I have a full schedule of things that appease my senses; and it starts with the PARLOQUE shop at 1093 Queen St. West. I have a budget, and I'm sticking to it!  Well, that's what I tell myself every year, at least.


On December 11th, we're going to be setting up a pop-up shop hosted by Made InLand (www.madeinland.ca). There will be 20+ Canadian vendors setting up shop. This is a fantastic opportunity to browse what local artisans have to offer, and pick up any presents you still need to get. Yes, you will probably be paying more than something at a big box store, but this is a great way to support our Canadian industries and businesses.