Some people love it, others hate it. Boxing Day shopping has become a tradition for most modern families—there’s always a deal someone has to have!  According to a Bank of Montreal survey, 62% of Canadians are expected to shop on Boxing Day.

Many shoppers on the 26th will agree that standing in line is one of the worst parts.  Going when the stores open, or as late as you can, to avoid the rush will be your best bet. Paying cash in-store is usually faster. Plus, you’ll be able to stick to your budget.

Online shopping’s popularity has risen over the past few years, and many retailers offer discounts that you can only get online. Check out your favourite store’s website and what deals they have.

If you're planning on braving the malls for Boxing Day, below you'll find a few tips that LouLou Magazine has compiled that will hopefully make your experience stress-free.

Set your alarm. It’s best to arrive early to the sales for two reasons. One, the offerings will be at their most plentiful so you can find your size/style/colour. Secondly, many stores have special bonus sales and promotions earlier in the day. If you’re not too hung-over from all the turkey the night before – it’s worth a few pillow creases to get that last pair of 7.5 Michael Kors boots at 75% off.

Don’t Skip Breakie.  You really should never be skipping breakfast but when the majority of your day will be spent running around and standing in (potentially) epic lineups – the last thing you want is a growling stomach to get in the way of a super sweet deal. Pass the toast.

Come prepared. Wear a cross body bag so you can go hands free. In your bag make sure you have ample cash set aside (this also helps with staying within a budget and not making impulse purchases). Lastly, take a bottle of water with you and maybe a granola bar or apple to keep that stamina up. You will be the last woman standing!

Wear thin clothes versus bulky layers. Again, this tip is two fold. Crowds and lineups will be hot and hectic and who wants to be lugging around a large coat?! In a pinch, if you’re wearing a form-fitting top and leggings , you can simply try on clothes over your clothes rather than waiting for a change room. Which will likely take up half your day…

Wear your most comfortable shoes (but no, slippers do not count). No explanation needed here.

Make a list. Think in advance of what your needs are. What do you lack in your wardrobe/house? What have you been looking for but put off buying due to the price? What are your favourite stores. Give yourself a game plan so when you arrive you know what you are looking for, where you are looking for it and how much you are willing to spend.

Bring a friend, but not too many friends. If you have a buddy system you can easily make that last minute size swap well one friend holds your spot in line or run and check out another place quickly. However, if you arrive in a group you might spend a good portion of your day trying to stay together and deciding where to go. Yeah, that will get old fast.

Travel by foot or public transit. For some this isn’t an option but if it is consider it. You don’t want to bookend a fun day of retail with road rage. Finding parking, finding your car, getting out of the parking lot. Unless you know you have an extra large purchase to make, save yourself the aggravation.

And, most importantly....