A fairly high percentage of women around the world believe, spring is the time to gussy up, strut in heels & flaunt fancy hats. True that the weather is an enabler for flouncy skirts, flirtatious tops & frivolous dresses. But a true connoisseur of fashion would always corroborate that winter is when you can be truly fashionable.

Having travelled around the world, I’d have to say that I’ve seen some of the best fashion thriving in Europe, primarily UK and maybe the Scandinavian countries, where the winters are vicious and summer’s only short-lived. At this juncture not mentioning the other fashionable European counterparts viz Champs Elysees:Paris, Via Montenapoleone: Milan, Zeil: Frankfurt - would be what they call a fashion faux paus.

Think of the high-heeled long leather boots, the Russian fur hats and maybe a leopard print trench coat. Not your style? How about a fur trimmed hooded jacket in red with a skinny pair jeans and booties? That’s the thing I love about winters. It definitely tests your knack for getting the right style.

Talking about style, my personal would be a combination of chic and comfort without being boring.

However, let’s not discount those times when we want to doll up. It’s always a kick to try something bold that would be a downright head-turner…something perfect for a night out.

Image Courtesy: Vogue Magazine

Image Courtesy: Vogue Magazine

And, if you’re looking for something more dramatic and red-carpet, nothing spells rich and stylish more than fur.

Image Courtesy: Vogue Magazine

Last autumn saw the dawn of Androgyny.  Fashionable and easy to put together, this trend does not look like it’ll be a passé anytime in the near future.  The supermodels are surely rocking the look in tuxedos and slim ties. But trust me on this…one definitely need not be a fashionista to endorse the look, especially in the cold. After all, how difficult could it be to put together a hoodie, an oversized sweater, a muffler and some mitts…no biggie, agree?

Image Courtesy: modern-androgyny.blogspot.ca


  1. Identify your style:

a)    Chic: Warm pullover with fitted waist length jacket, pencil skirt, long boots, scarf (or muffler if it’s that cold)

b)   Casual& Comfy: Hoodies, muffler, denims, sneakers

2. Identify your color:

a)    Winter colors: Black, grey, blue & brown

b)   To add some zing: Red, Indigo Blue, Emerald green

That’s that. Identify what fashion space you truly rule and you’re ready to brave the chill in the air with some oomph and élan.