Having your Christmas or holiday shopping finished before December 24th is ideal, but not always possible for some. Between running errands, children’s activities, parties, cooking and decorating your tree, there can be very little time to pick out presents—let alone wrap them!

Make a list--and check it twice!

Going out and hitting the jam-packed mall isn't fun for most people...but coming home only to realize you forgot something is even worse! Make a list, and check it twice!!

Food never fails

Whip up a batch of your favourite cookies and put them in a decorative tin, mug, or box, with a couple packs of that good Godiva hot chocolate. If cookies aren't your thing, there are lots of other food options--get creative!

Know when to stop

Once you have something for everyone on your list, STOP! Often, the urge to find the "perfect" gift for someone compels you to keep shopping. Just because your gift is last minute, does NOT mean it's inadequate.


As cliche as it sounds, and as much as no one wants to admit they do (or have done) it, consider re-gifting. You're never going to use it, and someone else may truly appreciate it. Just make sure the person who gifted it to doesn't find out your secret--or worse! Don't give it to the person who gave it to you originally!


Your friends and family have all taken time out of their busy lives to spend time with you. Appreciate the time you have with them. Receiving gifts is nice, but giving is better. Give the important people in your life all the love you have. Appreciate all they do for you during the year and be thankful for them.