If you've been living in SW Ontario, the Maritimes, or the east coast of the USA, it didn't feel like winter up until recently.  We got hit. Hard.

The past few weeks in Ontario, and on the eastern seaboard, we've had to break out our shovels, snowblowers, snow pants, toboggans and sleds, and winter boots. Ah, such is winter; we take longer to get ready and bundle the kid(s) up. Then, we shovel ourselves out of driveways ("What the....!? I shovelled at 10pm before I went to bed--now I have to shovel again at 7am?! How much snow can we possibly get in less than 12hrs?!!!"), and once we've warmed up our cars and are ready to pull out, the snowplow comes and you have to shovel the end of your driveway again. Ugh. Sometimes, the winter seems like groundhog day from dawn-til-dusk.


Fortunately, winter isn't just about chores and the mundane. Winter is about actually enjoying the change of season. The landscape we get is like not other. Even when the downtown core gets a layer of the white stuff all over the streets and temporarily causes panic amongst the drivers, it's best to take a step back and appreciate the beauty that hides beneath the hustle and bustle. If you're in the suburbs or the country, the scenery surrounding you could be idyllic and serene.

We seem to almost forget that life doesn't stop when we want it to. Each day we're thinking of what we have to do in the next hour, day, or week. Taking a moment to pause and reflect on the beauty that surrounds us.  Instead of running errands on your day off (which could be done throughout the week or during lunch breaks), go out with your friends and family on a ski/snowboard trip. Maybe take a few hours to drive to a hill and go tobogganing, then afterwards, sit in front of the fire with some hot chocolate.

So, bundle up, go outside and have some fun!