Be it as it may, the frigid, icy and sometimes unbareable weather in the Canadian months of November - January ...okay who am I kidding, more like March and even April, are the best months of the year for showing off your stylistic edge and putting together layers upon layers of winterrrific (sorry, I had to) fabulous fashion!


Now we've all walked by the same black ski jacket time and time again and thought well, practical as it may be, I wouldn't be caught dead wearing that! And rightfull so. Why should we have to sacrifice our flare, our sass or even our sexuality just because its frozen outside!?


Answer: We shouldn't!


Personally, my staple coat, or winter shell as I prefer to call it, is black. Wait, wait... its not a standard ski jacket. I wear a double lined peacoat most of the winter. Its black and long and slimming and pretty much goes with everything. But the best part is that I can accessorize! I love to wear faux fur around my ears and neck in creams and greys. And my favourite accessory of all is my double long, extra thick wrap around infinity scarf, you can't possibly complain about the cold or a lack of stylistic expression wearing that!


This winter my weather resistant winter jacket was a gorgeous army green. Very in this past winter season and more importantly, gives that sort of bad girl look while still being fashion forward and fun. I like to pair it with rose gold accessories and beige and even blush gloves and hats to give a girly spin to this more masculine colour. Which brings me to why I love winter fashion so much!! Layering!


You can literally be whoever you want in winter, even more than one persona every day. For example, maybe you have a super awesome leather jacket with biker gloves and a wool hat. You're basically the epitome of cool! But later, you're headed out on a date and you really don't want to scare off the third guy this week! So, you deside to accent your biker digs with a stunning white flowy scarf and unzip it to reveal a wooly woven sweater or cardigan that screams "I hang out with my grandma by choice, and definitely want a family some day!"


Basically, the point is... express yourself this winter! Be whoever you want to be and experiment with layering your "personas". A little fur for a more sophicated night out and some funny wooly touques for those spontanious coffee shop meetups with friends.


Winter is a time where you can hide your body insecurities, let out your inner fashion diva and have SO much fun playing with your clothes!


So next time someone complains that winter is only a few months away, don't crawl back into your cave and hibernate... its shopping time!