We have noticed several new types of establishments popping up around the city of Toronto lately and we know why.  Men are now just as obsessed with grooming practices as women are!  As the man bun and the beard have become two very familiar sights on the streets of downtown Toronto, grooming establishments have taken notice and followed the trend by opening male grooming salons for the well-manicured man.  There is something to be said for the man who takes care of himself and has the confidence to step into a salon and be pampered.  Many male-oriented establishments have popped up throughout the city as more and more males are feeling more comfortable entering into a previously female-skewed environment.  Many of the male grooming salons offer perks like an annual subscription for a reduced rate and the ever popular licensed establishment offers men a cold brew. 

Men, looking to have your beard trimmed, treated, and manicured, or your man bun washed and conditioned?--Check out these Toronto establishments:

1.       OGX – The Original Grooming Experts; 477 Richmond St.

2.       XY Men’s Skin and Grooming Lounge; 490 A Yonge St.

3.       MenEssentials Canada; 412 Danforth Ave.

4.       Truefitt & Hill; Brookfield Place


5.       Mankind; Eglinton Ave., Richmond St., Parkdale