World MasterCard Fashion Week ended with a bang.  Everyone is talking about who was where, who did what, and most importantly, who wore what.


WMCFW showcases Canadian Collections and designers. This is the place for not only Canadians, but everyone, to see and be seen. Many people attending the shows don't really understand how much hard work and effort, countless trial-and-errors and long days/nights go into not only producing a huge, 5 day (sometimes more!) show. Tons of volunteers put in countless, unpaid hours making sure everyone has a successful show.  All the lighting, coreography, set designers, DJs, administration, production, organizers, sponsors, make up artists, hairdressers...well, you get the idea. They all work hard to make sure each show runs as smoothly as possible, with no noticable (to the audience) hiccups. But none of these shows would be happening if it wasn't for designers.


Designers work around the clock before these shows take place. Each item they present need to be prestine. Each garment has to be flawless. The manufacturing process is not only labour-intensive, but expensive, as Janet Han pointed out in her interview with Fashion Savage.  I know I sometimes see a brand, love what they put out, try it on, only to get to the cash and look at the pricetag while I wait in line. Ummm what?! I can't afford this!! Ugh. After watching all these fantasic shows at WMCFW, I know understand why I can't get the jacket I want so bad at Walmart prices. The reality sucks, but if you want to buy unique (see: not mass produced) pieces from up-and-coming Canadian designers that we're all watching out for, then it's necessary to make some investments; purchasing items that will last you more than one season -- pieces that stay trendy, fashionable, comfortable, versatile and timeless.

Did someone say LBD?