Alright, I know I'm not the only one. I have bad habits, and I'll come out and admit them right here.  I have some bad (this word is subjective, of course) habits, and maybe if I post them, they will be easier to conquer. Although, this reasoning may be wishful thinking...


I'll start off with the worst offenders, because these are probably the ones you're most interested in, anyway.

Smoking - I don't do it often, but after a few drinks this is all I want. I  just want a smoke.  I've come to understand it's definitely a social thing as well. Some of my friends smoke regularly, and when they all go out for one, in the middle of winter, what am I supposed to do? Stay inside? Pfftt. I want to know if they're going to share any juicy gossip while I'm alone in the house.

Drinking - This obviously follows closely with the above. I don't drink every day, or every weekend (just most), but when I drink, I can easily go overboard. I'm really trying to be more aware of how the alcohol is affecting me (although after a few too many I could probably care less) and consciously drinking more water in between the boozy beverages.

Choosing Fries Over Veggies - I really actually like vegetables. I can easily polish off a bag of baby carrots (without dip!) while in front of the TV. But when I'm out with friends at a restaurant, all bets are off. I go in with the best intentions ("I'm totally going to have a garden salad, dressing on the side, along with  my entree") however, I seemed to get swayed (by myself or others) to the fried vegetable we call the potato. I mean, the colour isn't even appetizing. I totally need to stop this.

Sleeping Too Little -I sleep too little. This is something I'm really trying to change. I go to bed later than I should and rarely get 7 or 8 hours of shut eye. I'm cranky, will probably be unproductive if I work, and I feel like I eat more when I'm tired.  Not to mention all the extra money I spend at Starbucks or Tim's to get that "fix" I need to keep me awake. And I will never list my coffee consumption as a bad habit, because it's just so right.

Internet/Social Media Time - As I write this post (and lend to hypocrisy), I realize I spend way too much time checking my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, email, et al., accounts. I just have to know what X is doing, right? Their life seems so much better than mine! Not. I need to keep reminding myself that a) the world will not end if I don't update my friends and followers that I'm going to the movies, or that I've "checked in" to some cool new bar that just opened. And b) people only post what they WANT you to see. Unless you're close to them; really, how many of your "friends" do you call/hang out with on a daily basis.  Limiting my time on the internet will allow me to appreciate life.

Not Changing My Oil - The KM that you need to change it by is only a recommendation, right? I know the longer I put off changing my oil, I decrease gas mileage and risk damaging my car in other ways. It's a hassle, and it costs money. They don't even have good magazines in the garage! I need to get out of this habit so that I get more time with this piece of metal.

Avoiding Dusting - Ok, you may be rolling your eyes at this, but I seriously loathe dusting. I have no problem vacuuming or wiping down the whole house with Lysol, but I don't dust. It's those little things that get me--like the blinds, or the Royal Dalton figurines my grandma left me. I have cats, and friends with allergies, so keeping on top of this would help everyone involved.


Can anyone relate? What are your "bad" habits?