I honestly don’t think there is anything in the world more personal than music. And coming from a fashion enthusiast, that’s saying a lot! Truly, music is an extension of ourselves, our emotions and our personalities. Our favourite songs, artists and genres can literally change from one minute to the next based on our moods and lifestyles.

            You know how sometimes you’re on the way to work rocking out to your current pump up anthem; a little Beyoncé? Some Lil Jon, Iggy or Rihanna? Just getting excited for what you hope is going to be a perfect day… and suddenly… traffic. And lots of it! Now you’ll definitely be late! And your boss is definitely going to lose it on you… again! Suddenly, queen Bey’s party mix just isn’t cutting it anymore, and now it’s onto hard core rap or, for those of you who are way cooler than I am, a screeching rock song. That’s just when your new “fling” calls and wants to have a talk later on… but don’t freak out or anything, it’s nothing “too serious”. Oh no, time for something slow, something sad… and some tissues. This is going to be a long day!

            The point is, your favourite songs, singers and genre say a lot about you and what you’re going through at any given time.

            Right now – with summer winding down and business picking up – my favourite is the slow stuff. Not like morose heartbreak music… though I definitely did go through a typical teenage over emotional phase in high-school full of cry-your-eyes-out ballads. But the music I’m into these days is more of the cool stuff… a bit of indie R&B and “chill” hip-hop and even some light pop like Sia and Birdy. I feel like that style of music is the perfect background for things like blogging, homework, cooking, cleaning and just creating a general atmosphere for mellowing out after a long day. For me, after a crazy day of work there is nothing nicer than a good wind-down track.

doing my fav thing

My faves right now are singers like Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, Vic Mensa, Lorde, John Legend, Lana Del Ray… and I’m sure as soon as I hit submit I’ll think of a few others.

So tonight after your work (or school) day, turn off your brain for a while, let go of the stress, pour yourself a nice cup of tea… or a big glass of red wine for my overworked girls – and let a little soft R&B set the tone for an evening of R&R. You can thank me later ;)

My current top 10 playlist:

  1. Happy Little Pill – Troye Sivan

  2. Chandelier – Sia

  3. All Of Me – John Legend

  4. Pretty Hurts – Beyonce

  5. I’m Not The Only One – Sam Smith

  6. Let It Be – Labrinth

  7. Often – The Weeknd

  8. Try - Colbie Caillat

  9. Tennis Court – Lorde

  10. Incredible – Celine Dion ft. Ne-Yo