Those finding themselves caught in the same moment as me today will understand, when the rush to find a last minute Halloween costume came up empty.

Truth be told, I usually commit to this creative process much earlier. In fact, in the weeks leading up to Oct 31, I had even nudged my boss at work, to ask if it were okay for me to come in full costume mode. Much to everyone’s disappointment (my own, included) I showed up to the office simply as myself. No costume, not even a witches hat or a pair of animal ears to wear on top of my head – those who know the reference from the movie, Mean Girls, will get what I mean, here.  “I’m a mouse, duh!” It seems funny, until it actually happens.

While my enthusiasm for this holiday may seem to go above and beyond, that is because the thrill of the imagination today holds for so many has not been lost on me. Not even in my adult years. I was particularly proud of what I dressed up as last year, when I showed up to a party as a Pan-AM flight attendant, complete with the most adorable accessories a girl could go for (hat and purse, included). Hey, I was deeply involved with a retro phase, okay?

But, this morning, my search left me feeling uninspired. I tried a few stores in my area and came across bare walls, or was severely limited by what options were available. As the sales lady from Value Villlage lamented, “Ya, we start stocking up at August and by today, we are bare bones.”

Well, at least I tried. For next year, perhaps ordering online will be the key.  Tonight, however, I still plan on having a fun evening to carry on in the spirit of Halloween. After the maddening rush, I think a simple gathering, with movies and of course, candy, is the way to go. Happy Halloween to all!