At Wild North, we are extremely proud to offer sustainable clothing to our customers. One of the questions we often hear, however, is why we do this. There are actually a few reasons why we focus on sustainably sourced materials and a few of these reasons can be seen below:


Sustainable Clothing is Better for the Earth

Better for Earth

One of the reasons we choose to go with sustainable products is because it is better for the Earth. Most people don't know that the fashion industry has a huge impact on the environment from the harmful pesticides used on cotton to the chemicals that leach into the waterways from toxic dye. Working with organic fibers and sustainable fabric helps to eliminate that can make your own carbon footprint much lighter.


Sustainable Clothing is Better for People

Better for People

Another reason we choose to only sell sustainable clothing is because when you use these materials, you can be sure that they were made in a way that was safe and sweatshop free. You will also know that the people who worked to make your clothing were paid a fair wage. In an industry that has been known for terrible working conditions low wages, buying this type of clothing makes a statement that this is no longer acceptable to you.


Sustainable Clothing Lasts Longer

Last longer

You will also find when you buy sustainable clothing that it lasts longer and this is good for your finances, too. Though it isn't uncommon to pay a bit more for your sustainable clothing, you will also be able to wear it much longer than other clothing. Buying a winter coat made of sustainable materials will last for years where a cheaply made coat might only last for a season.


These are only a few of the many reasons why we sell sustainable clothing and why we always suggest that our customers buy sustainable clothing. Make a positive impact on your world and buy sustainable clothing whenever possible.