The Changing Face of the Fashion Model

In the past, the traditional fashion model was considered beautiful for her mainstream looks and body that fit the general public’s idea of the norm.  Victoria’s Secret models like Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Lily Aldridge, and Stella Maxwell have long been considered the epitomy of beauty with their tan bodies, long wavy hair and all-American looks.  However, with society becoming more educated and aware of differences in beauty-type and their willingness to accept a wider range of women as beautiful, the fashion industry has also begun to take notice and to welcome a changing face in the fashion world.

Models like Molly Bair with her gangly body, piercing eyes, prominent ears and gawkiness has been captivating audiences during NYFW this September 2015 and Jamie Brewer, the first model with Down Syndrome to ever grace a runway at NYFW walked graciously in the Carrie Hammer show in February 2015.  Winnie Harlow, a Canadian model from Toronto who has had the skin condition, vitiligo since the age of four, has defied the traditional definition of beauty as she has walked at London and New York Fashion Week.  These beautiful, yet out of the norm models have shaken up the modeling world and challenged society’s view of beauty.

Seeing beauty from a more open perspective is refreshing and just might help that shy, awkward teenage girl realize that she, too, is beautiful and will one day have an impact on society and be accepted for just the way she is………………