1)    PowerTrekk

Just cant live without your phone while camping? Meet the PowerTrekk, a charger that runs on water. Thats right, the stuff that comes out of your kitchen sink! All you need to do is insert a fuel pack, add water, and presto - you have a device that can charge all USB-compatible devices.


2) WrapStove

Handling a hot plate or portable stove while camping tends to be quite a pain. Dealing with the fuel tank, and potential windy weather from extinguishing the flame is sometimes more of a hassle than a help. Thats where the WrapStove comes in! The WrapStove comes fitted with small magnets that cling onto your cooking vessel. It switches on only when the end tab is folded and the temperature is set via a touchscreen.


3) JakPak

For the minimalist camper that truly does want to get away from it all, meet JakPak. JakPak is an all-in-one waterproof jacket, sleeping bag and one-man tent. Both breathable and waterproof on the bottom, in case of sleeping on wet ground, this is a necessity for the independent camper!


4) Pocket Shower

One of the drawbacks of camping is the inaccessibility of showers. Thats where the pocket shower comes in! The waterproof fabric attracts heat and is able to provide a solid 8 minutes of shower time. Whats even better? Its only $25!


5) Solar Powered Water Bottle Cap

Powered with four super-bright white LED lights, this convenient lid fits most standard 2.25" diameter lids. This cool and simple light solution is perfect for camping.


What are your favourite camping gadgets? Let us know in the comments below!