1.     Quebec City, Quebec

While many cite Montreal as Quebecs must-seecity, we beg to differ. Quebec City offers stunning architecture and old world charm that truly comes alive in the winter months. You can experience European elegance and romance all while still staying in North America. Whether youre a history buff or just enjoy sipping cider and taking in the snow-covered city, Quebec City should be on everyones winter travel bucket list!


2.     Courchevel 1850, France

More than just a cool name,  Courchevel 1850 is the highest in elevation in the Three Valleys (Les Trois Vallées of Courchevel, Méribel and Les Menuires.) Named after its altitude, its one of the most revered skiing destinations in all of Europe. Whether youre an ace on the slopes or looking to hangout in the chalet and take in breathtaking sights, this destination is not to be missed. Even if skiing isn't for you, the area offers some incredible hiking, snowshoeing, and breathtaking helicopter tours of the mountains. If youre really looking for an adrenaline rush, we suggest trying out some of the paragliding options offered!


3.     Whistler, British Columbia

Although it's known worldwide for its incredible slopes, this ski town has so much more to offer. Imagine zip lining through the treetops or taking a gondola from mountain peak to mountain peak. Whistler is an adventure seeker's paradise! There are numerous trails for those looking to traverse nature, or luxurious spas if youre looking for some R&R. The hiking trails range from leisurely nature walks to elevation intensive mountain climbs. Whatever degree of adventure youre seeking, Whistler has just the ticket. Additionally, Whistler has a fascinating First Nations history that you can explore at various cultural centres.


4.     Niseko, Japan

Oftentimes, when Japan is brought up we think of bustling city metropolises on the cutting edge of both business and technological innovation. What tends to go overlooked is the world class skiing made available at their stunning mountainside. One of the most prominent areas is Niseko, which has set itself apart by honing in on culinary expertise. Whats more is that you can partake in horseback riding, explore local villages, and even take a hot air balloon ride to overlook the mountains!


5.     Jammu and Kashmir, India

If youre a true adrenaline junkie, this is the spot for you.  Looking to finally try out heli-skiing, trek the Himalayas, or free ride a 4,000 ft mountain? This destination has you covered. Furthermore, this formerly controversial area is rich with history. After you go for a morning ski you can check out a variety of heritage sites and even monasteries.  Not to mention the natural wonders, such as remarkable caves! Whats more is that various tour companies offer winter mountain camping. The mountains offer unique charms in the winter months and give you a chance to ski some of the longest and highest slopes in all of Asia.


6.     Siberia, Russia

Once a place of exile, Siberias sparse beauty is an untapped and untouched winter paradise. Dont let its reputation fool you. Siberia has plenty to see and even more to experience. One thing not to be missed is Lake Baikal, the oldest and deepest freshwater lake in the world. This lake offers skating, fishing, ice diving and even rafting in the areas that haven't frozen over. What is the coolest option available? Taking a Russian hovercraft across the lake! If youre looking for something a little less extreme, there is also the option of ice go-karting. Regardless, Siberia is an fantastic and alternative winter destination to visit!


7.     Saariselkä, Finland

Located in the Northern mountainous Finland, this is truly a winter wonderland. From dog sledding to national parks and even a winter safari, you wont be confined to downhill sports like many other winter destinations. The safaris allow for overnight snowmobile tours that showcase the Northern lights as well as ice fishing, all while scoping out Finlands most beautiful national parks. The most stunning thing this area has to offer is Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort. The resort is unique in that it has dozens of glass igloos that enable you to actually sleep under the stars!

So whats the one thing youll need for all of these winter adventures? A Wild North jacket, of course! Discover which style suits you best!