The beauty of snowshoeing lies in its simplicity. You can begin with no previous experience and it allows you take in and truly appreciate nature. By wearing snowshoes you can traverse snowy landscapes much easier, and whats even better is that theyre much cheaper than cross country skis!



Think of it as shuffleboardexcept on ice. This is a sport of both the mind and the body. A great and alternative sport for all ages, many cities have local curling or granite clubs that are worth checking out!

Ice Fishing

If youre already a lover of fishing, then ice fishing is the best way to take your interest to new heights. Its a great activity for friends to make a weekend getaway out of. Whats more is that there are even apps to determine the best spots for the type of fish youre looking to catch!



Equal parts alternative and adventurous, snowkiting harnesses the power of the wind to glide across the snow via board. Though not encouraged for novices, there are a variety of snowkite schools and clubs across North America that can get you in the know. If youre looking to pump up your adrenaline this winter, look no further!


Ice Climbing

If snowkiting wasn't extreme enough for you, then let us recommend ice climbing. Spoiler alert: its exactly what it sounds like! If you get a thrill from heights, then youll definitely want to try out climbing vertically inclined ice walls. Naturally, this is incredibly dangerous and we do not recommend this activity for novices; however, if youre an experienced climber, then this is an activity you should absolutely look into!


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