Winter is almost here, but what if we do not want to lose our skit? Winter is a great time to show off your fashion styles. For those who can bare the freezing legs, props to you, thigh-high boots are the way to go. For us girls that loves to be comfortable and warm, a pair of tights is the answer. There is nothing like a pair of merino wool tights that keeps you stylish and warm for the winter to come. An over coat jacket, a skirt and tights is this season’s luxury winter wear.


I recently discovered tights from Wolford and instantly fell in love with it. I was specifically looking for warm and fashionable tights and this is the one. With a soft feel, these tights are made from high quality Merino wool. What is Merino wool? Merino wool regulates body temperature and has high moisture absorption. It is one of the softest types of wools. I love how these tights enhances and shapes the legs and bottom. I just know that when I wear these tights, I won’t be cold! The grayish colour of these tights would look fabulous with a pair of heels.



As for shoes, I personally opt for the comfy yet fashionable shoes and this shoe by Chanel is perfect for it. While it brings out an accent, this shoe is still comfortable. The black and white designs can match just about anything. Blue, beige, gray, cream… You name it! This elegant shoe is sophisticated and bold and it’s just what I want. The 3.3 inch heel is just the right height for me. The design on the heel really helps this shoe to stand out and adds a bit of a “wow” expression to it. Stunning and fancy, I would totally wear this shoe in all the seasons including winter.




And to finish off the winter style, I always have to include a winter coat. The Bellflower Navy Medium Length Winter Jacket from The Wild North Apparel is a stunning jacket that would pair well with the Wolford tights and the Chanel shoes. The vibrant blue brings out an accent to the whole outfit. The feminine jacket has 100% wool shell and is water repellent. This coat definitely keeps me warm and cozy from the cold winter weathers. I especially love the hoody trim as it functions as a collar, which resembles the shape of the ruff collars wore in the Renaissance era by the royalties. Snug yet chic and elegant, this outfit will have me looking forward to winter!