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How do I make sure I get the latest information from The Wild North?

You can subscribe to our newsletter where we send out our latest sales and news. To make sure you are getting the latest instant news scoop, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. If you would like to follow our fashion style and lifestyle guides, follow us on Instagram, Pinterest and our Blog.

How warm are the jackets? Are they water repellent?

Each jacket is different and has different technical thermo features, temperature ratings, and layering systems.

Please check technical information on the specific product page in the above-noted categories.

How do I clean The Wild North jackets?

Most of our products are dry clean only. Please refer to the content label inside the garment.

Why buy an expensive winter coat?

Winter jackets function differently from other apparel products, as they are very technical pieces. A winter jacket is an essential item to have in your wardrobe so you can be outside, stay warm, and have an enjoyable time in the winter. A good jacket speaks for itself and is worth every penny!

The material used in a jacket is important for it to function like it should. Besides the great design from the best designers, the cost of producing a high quality jacket is significantly higher than other apparel products.

Are these furs real?

Yes we use real fur. We use real fur for its functionality as it is the best insulation in order to prevent frostbite on skin. All of our products are made with real fur; no faux or fake fur is used. Faux fur is used in fashion as decoration and has no functionality in terms of providing insulation.

All our furs are wild furs and are sourced ethically from certified trappers in North America. Most of the fur we use is coyote or raccoon fur as these animals are in abundance and are considered as pests in many areas of Canada.

We understand that not everyone agrees with fur usage, and we respect your choice. We do have many styles that do not use any fur. If the detailed description does not mention fur usage, it does mean it does not contain any fur. If you do have further inquiries regarding specific products, please contact us.

Do I need to register before purchasing?

No, you do not need to have an account in order to make a purchase; however, it is advised you do as you can move through checkout process more seamlessly.

How can I contact The Wild North’s headquarters?

Please visit our contact us page for information on how to reach us. We are happy to help!

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